Citizen Koch Bonus Material

Citizen Koch Bonus Material

This bonus package of nine videos takes you behind the scenes of Citizen Koch, from outtakes and deleted scenes, to the filmmakers' conversation with Michael Moore, to digital exclusives of interviews with former health insurance executive Wendell Potter and ex super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff who explain how they bought influence in DC.

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Citizen Koch Bonus Material
  • Where's Abe Lincoln When You Need Him?

    EXTENDED SCENE: As GOP Presidential candidates descend on Wisconsin for the 2012 primary, voters wonder what happened to their party.

  • Recall Eve

    DELETED SCENE: On the eve of the 2012 Wisconsin recall election, Gov. Walker is behind closed doors at a private fundraiser with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, while his constituents face off outside.

  • Buddy Calls a Press Conference

    DELETED SCENE: Ruled ineligible for the final nationally televised 2012 New Hampshire Republican Primary debate, candidate Gov. Buddy Roemer comes up with a plan to get the national newsmedia to cover his campaign.

  • Interview with Jack Abramoff

    DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: In 2012, we sat down with super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff for a frank and open conversation about how money corrupts politicians. Watch excerpts from this interview with a true Washington insider who knows how to play the game.

  • Citizen Koch Official Trailer

    Watch the Official Theatrical trailer for Citizen Koch.

  • Who's Outspending Who?

    EXTENDED SCENE: As the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity rolls into Wisconsin to campaign against the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, the amount of money being spent in the state by AFP and other outside groups is staggering. Find out which candidate benefits most from the dark money.

  • Who Are Special Interests?

    EXTENDED SCENE: As nearly a million signatures are certified calling for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, the special interests gear up for battle.

  • Another Pocket in the Candidates Coat

    DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Washington insiders break down the loopholes that corporations and billionaires exploit to flood elections with big money in exchange for favors.

  • Big Brother on Film; A Conversation with Michael Moore

    Michael Moore talks censorship, privacy, and getting the job done with his longtime collaborators, and the directors of Citizen Koch, Tia Lessin & Carl Deal. From the 2013 Traverse City Film Festival.